How do you eat an elephant: One bite at a time . . .

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Our topic today is balance.  For many writers, particular graduate and doctoral scholars to be, stress and overwhelm happen because of swallowing the elephant whole.  Instead, the goal of systems’ thinking is to systematically divide the elephant into sequentially appropriate bite size more manageable pieces to eat one bite at a time.  Herein lies the secret.  In what order could or should pieces be completed?  How big might the piece be?  For each person, this sequence and time to complete differs a bit.  The lesson is the same.  Try not to reinvent the wheel and let’s not swallow the elephant whole.

Remember, first we plan our work, then we work our plan.  Your mentor or chair will help you to devise the most effective and manageable plan forward.  Action overcomes stress.  Appropriate action helps in manageable pieces helps to demonstrate progress more effectively.

We welcome your thoughts and your experiences.

Forward we go!

Dr. Cheryl

August 10th, 2017 by admin

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