Dare to be different: Think Without Boundaries


This week I ran across a wonderful new book: Be a Beast by Dave Austin and Roger Anthony. While their entire extreme focus philosophy is amazing, what caught my attention is their NoBo: Chapter 2: The Flying Fish.  LOVE this! 

Why Nobo?  No box, no boundaries.  Isn’t this a coincidence regarding what we talk about here at The Refractive Thinker?  Our goal is to think without limits, think without boundaries, and think beyond the box.  Ideally, I am not a fan of the box either, as even when one attempts to think beyond the box, there remains the potential limitations of that darn box.  Perhaps whatever may be, may not be a box at all.  Thus, NoBo is amazing, with no box, no boundaries.

The goal is to dare to be different; dare to think what hasn’t yet been thought of; dare to create the future that does not yet exist.  Being different is not easy, as there is much comfort in conformity.  We don’t often want to stand out from the crowd; different can be scary and sometimes lonely.

Our goal is to learn to be comfortable in choosing this path as a leader; to follow the Star Trek–to go where no one has gone before.  We have a chance to impact change; to truly find our passion and our calling.  To do this we not only have to find our current limits, but to shatter these limits and move past them.  The question to ask is really, what is the impact you have on shaping the world around you?  How do you dare to be different? How do you think without boundaries?  What kind of refractive thinker are you?

Keep thinking your way to success!  The world is waiting for you!

My best,

Dr. Cheryl Lentz

The Academic Entrepreneur

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August 21st, 2015 by admin

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