When is Failure Catastrophic?

Dear colleagues:

Interesting topic in the wind today–the idea of catastrophic failure.  As leaders, the goal is to dig into not just the beginning–or the intentions of the program–or the ending–the conclusion/results.  How can we impact REAL change DURING the middle, the process –AS IT IS HAPPENING?  How can we see the signs before its too late? How can we change course if needed or steer the ship completely around despite the storm to avoid absolute failure?

Let’s think about best practices.  Let’s look to companies who have accomplished just this. What did they do AND most importantly WHEN did they choose to do it?  Did it work as intended? Did it work at all? When is it too late?

Again, while we as leaders would like a crystal ball, the purpose of experience is to try to get it more right than wrong more often.  Therefore, can we see any of these signs of potential failure BEFORE catastrophic failure–or final failure?  Failure is simply a tool in our arsenal.  How can we use this tool for the most effective outcome?

We welcome your thoughts . . .

Dr. Cheryl Lentz
The Academic Entrepreneur


Dr. C

December 8th, 2017 by admin

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