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How Can Publishing Grow Your Business?

Good morning fellow writers and entrepreneurs

Our focus for this blog post is to cover the 7 tips for how publishing a book can grow your business.
Just remember the word: B-O-O-K-E-N-D

  1. Business Card: Whether a tip sheet, white paper, ebook, or hardcover, a book is an extension of your brand, as your enhanced business card.  Imagine the increase in INSTANT credibility when you give, send, or email your book/eBook to your new or potential client. Remember, a business card has a strategic marketing purpose—to get your client to the next level in your funnel of your business.
  2. Online Giveaway:
    Your book can grow your business online as a free giveaway. Those who have the biggest database list wins.  Our goal is to offer an incentive for future clients to come to our website.  An easy way to accomplish increasing your database is to give  your website visitor a reason for giving you their website.  A Pop up Window (as used on as an example) simply makes an FREE offer of a short eBook to entice visitors to give me their name and email address by giving them a gift. Most businesses offer a mini-ebook or a tips sheet for 7 Ways to Do Something within your area of expertise to help your visitor.  They get a gift, you get the opportunity to potentially market to them in the future.  Win-Win.
  3. Offline Sales:
    Your book can enhance your speech or presentation with back of the room sales of your book.  If you are going on the speaker circuit, you will need ancillary materials.  These materials could be books, eBooks, videos, seminars, classes, and coaching programs.  The first of these is a book that establishes you as the expert.
  4. Kool Factor: Your book can enhance your credibility when listed on with your FREE author page.
    There is nothing more K@@L than seeing your name listed on as one of the community of authors.  Even though many people can and do sell their books on their own websites, is the big dog in the valley, where you really need to have your books listed here.
  5. Ends: Remember, a book is a means to an end, not typically the end itself.
    Think of the focus of your business funnel.  We start with a low cost to entry a $2.99 Kindle book or a $18.95 paperbook that leads your client to the next step in your business funnel.  Most people will not make their wealth from book sales; but they will often lead their clients to the next larger items in their business arsenal of offerings.
  6. Never underestimate the power to teach.
    Remember the goal for us as business owners is to shorten the learning curve of our clients by teaching them to help themselves with a problem by offering a solution to make their life easier. Everything is always easier once you know how, right?
  7. Discover the power of giving without expecting something in return.
    Remember, we give before we get. As business owners, we must look at the idea of serving the needs of others without expectations of a return.  When we focus on the needs of our clients that we serve FIRST, we will always be rewarded.

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My best to your success!

Dr. Cheryl Lentz
Award winning Author and Publisher

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