Dissertation Publishing: What is the Next Step Post-Dissertation Completion?


As we look to the end of the traditional school year, many of my students are looking toward the future as the end of one academic journey arrives.  Once one completes their dissertation, what is the next step?  For the answers, let’s be sure to take a step back in time and remind ourselves regarding our goals for which we began many years ago.  Why did we begin this journey? What was our intention in completing this doctoral journey.  Did we want to teach?  Did we want to publish? Did we want to consult?  What is the next step?

Economics offers a term regarding the opportunity cost.  What are the options we have in front of us and what are the costs for each? Have our goals changed? How shall we proceed now that the doctoral journey has ended?  We have joined the community of scholars and there are expectations and responsibilities of the doctoral scholar.  What does this mean to us?

Let me invite you to honor this struggle as you bring your goals into focus.  What does the future hold for you?

Be sure to share your strategies of how you address clarity and precision in your writing. We look forward hearing from you.*Smiles*

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Dr. Cheryl Lentz

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June 13th, 2013 by admin

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