Change the rules of the game

Dear Colleagues
When we go into any situation, what do we see first? Do we see the rules first or do we question the rules to see if they still or should apply? Often students in my critical thinking classes look at the world in a very black and white way.  Thinking is in the box, where critical thinking is outside the box.  What is beyond the box then? What happens when we don’t yet know what ‘it’ is necessarily?

Think of Sir Issac Newton or Albert Einstein.  How does these two thinkers and geniuses from history make new discoveries despite what the world said at the time?  They questioned the rules; they question what was.  Do you question what you see?  What if what you see is wrong or no longer works?  What if you can see a better way?  What do you do?

Be sure to review the application of thinking, critical thinking, and refractive thinking in your world. Perhaps you need to change the rules of the game as well?

I would love to have you share your thoughts!

My best to your writing efforts this week!

With respect,


Dr. Cheryl Lentz

Chief Refractive Thinker®

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