Dissertation Writing: Motivational Energy Through Networking?

Hello colleagues

In talking with colleagues at a holiday party yesterday, I was struck by the energy in the room as we all networked around the room.  There was such excitement as we met new people, discovered commonalities, and learned about the various accomplishments and expertise of our colleagues.  This energy is what is often missing in the online world when establishing communities in the virtual world.  Some students manage to form their own synergistic groups where this energy often helps propel and motivate their progress moving forward.

Our question today then focuses on how do you as faculty create a community where energy is created that helps keep your students motivated to complete their doctoral journey.  How does networking perhaps help in this process? What are your best practices?  What have you found helps motivate your students to cross that finish line? The world awaits their contributions!

Thoughts? I welcome your ideas.

My best, Dr. Cheryl

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December 14th, 2013 by admin

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