Dissertation Writing Tips: Attention to Detail

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This week our focus is on the concept of having a keen attention to detail. Many of my students rebel against the notion of hiring an editor. What they do not take into consideration is the function of an expert. An expert is one who knows more than you to help shorten YOUR learning curve. Writing at the doctoral level is an art, one that takes many years beyond crafting of the dissertation to master.

For the dissertation, good enough is not good enough. Our quest as a doctoral scholar is perfect. Whether the use of good grammar or the art of the comma, one’s writing must reflect an understanding and application. We are not however expected to go through the process alone. Experts are experts for a reason–because they have learned their craft over many years. Let me invite you to consider finding a quality editor for all of your writing–as our writing is a reflection of who we are. Our reputation is everything.

Be sure to share your strategies of how you address the need for a keen attention to detail with us. We look forward hearing from you.*Smiles*

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May 24th, 2013 by admin

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