Dissertation Writing Tips: Authentic Sense of Community Overcomes Fear

Dear colleagues

Today, my thoughts turn to the idea of creating a sense of community for students.  Community is important to capstone and dissertation/doc study students because of the enormous complexity of the creation of academic studies.  Students are often overwhelmed and apprehensive, having not yet completed such a journey.

As a mentor, a critical strategy to success is creating a sense of community among students where they learn to advise, help, and sometimes comfort each other along the way.  Understanding increases when the student realizes that they are not alone in their struggles or feelings.  When they realize that others share the same concerns and frustrations, often learning replaces anxiety, comfort with ambiguity replaces fear, and if you are really lucky, fun may even replace apprehension.  Anything is easy once we know how.  Others help ease our struggles through the process when we can create a safe place with an authentic sense of community.

I look forward to your suggestions and best practices of how you create this sense of community for your students..

My best, Dr. Cheryl

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November 15th, 2013 by admin

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