Doctoral Publishing Tip #3: Let’s Talk Marketing!


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When we talk publishing, we must also think with our marketing hats.  We need to look at the bigger picture of our larger world.  As what expert do we want to be known?  What was the focus of our graduate work?  Our doctoral work?  Are these the same?  For some, doctoral work is merely an extension of our graduate work.  For others, this may be a radical departure.

What is our passion?  In my case, I developed an interest in critical thinking. With my doctoral work of strategic decision-making and participative decision-making, I became interested in how people make decisions.  In the corporate world,  there is a concept known as “strategic literacy” (Anderson, 2004), where only those with the knowledge, skills, and abilites (KSAs) are able to make strategic decisions.  I disagree.  I believe that expertise  in the form of these KSAs can come as a result of experience whereever one finds themselves within the organization, not only in the C-suite.  As a result, I became fascinated with how people think and make decisions.  After years of teaching critical thinking married with my doctoral research, I began to become fascinated with bottom up thinking, creative thinking, and leadership as a result of influence.   Through years of writing and discovery, I found that critical thinking simply wasn’t enough.  Voila—refractive thinking was born through the need to look beyond boundaries–to discover what else was there.

What is your passion?  What is your area of expertise?  What credentials do you hold?  What gets you excited?  What do you want to teach others?  This is where marketing will come into play.  What need will you fill in the educational expanse?  Spend a few moments in thought and then let’s start writing.  There are inquiring minds who want to know.   

I hope these tips are of value to you as part of your publishing career.  Good luck!

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