Guest Blogger: Using Word for References by Dr. Laura Grandgenett

Using Word for References

(Microsoft Officer version 2007 and 2010)

By Dr. Laura Grandgenett

While not perfect for APA 6th edition requirements, the reference and citation capabilities are very good and can assist in making your Capstone Project editing process go much faster. To start using this feature immediately, open up a file that you have started and save it under a new name, like Project version 2, in case you worried you might mess up your original. Follow these steps below to:

Add a New Source

  1. Click on the References Tab.
  2. In the Citations & Bibliography group, click on the Style little down arrow and select APA.
  3. Click on Insert Citation and fill in the information about your source. Make sure to select the type of source you have at the top. The type of information it requires will change as you select different types of sources. Make sure to fill in all the information it asks for. For the author, put last name, comma, first initial, period, middle initial, period.
  4. Clicking on any source and then clicking the Edit icon in the middle takes you back to the edit screen, where you can click the More Information if you want to add more source information.
  5. Click OK. Your source is now saved for all future papers you might write.
  6. You can view all your sources by clicking Manage Sources in the Citations & Bibliography group.

Insert the Citation in your Text

  1. Click on Insert Citation and pick the source from the list. If you don’t see it, click on Manage Sources and make sure the source is in the panel on the right side. If it isn’t, select it and click the COPY icon that lives between the panels. Then click OK and click on Insert Citation again. You should now see it to select and it should look something like this: (Grandgenett, 2011).

Create a list of References or Bibliography

  1. Make sure to get your curser on the top of the page where you want the list to appear and click once.
  2. Click on the little down arrow located next to Bibliography in the Citations & Bibliography group.
  3. Select Bibliography and it should appear on the page after it thinks for a few seconds.
  4. You can click on the blue word ‘Bibliography’ and change it to References and make it centered and/or change the font and style.
  5. As you add more sources to the work, you can click on the References section and select Update Citations and Bibliography from the little blue tab that appears at the top of the table. Below is what mine looks like.



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