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Our goal is simple.  We want to introduce you to another element of the critical thinking dimension.

Who is a Refractive Thinker®?

A refractive thinker is someone that is insatiable with their curiosity.  They are not satisfied within current conventional parameters or the prevailing wisdom.  They are frustrated by provincial thinking or analysis.  They do not follow the crowd.  Instead the crowd follows them.  They do not like the constraints of only an either/or option where many believe there are only two options: in the box or out of the box boundaries.  Instead of merely preferring to color outside of the lines, they prefer to redefine the very rules that constrain the lines themselves, questioning the very structure itself.  Refractive thinkers are those that feel constrained by boundaries.  Instead, they prefer to not only test the limits but expand well beyond them.

Refractive thinkers are often the ones that create the new business models, those who make new scientific discoveries, and those who offer never before held theories to try explaining existing or new phenomenon.  They are the explorers of thoughts, those willing to ask the right questions that often take them–and those following them–in new and unchartered waters.  The refractive thinker is comfortable with limitless boundaries and the suspensions of rules.  Refractive thinkers are the pioneers such as Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, Mohandas Gandhi, and Madame Curie to name but a few.  They are those that not only ask why, but why not when attempting to unlock the secrets of the universe and beyond.

The question to ask is . . . are you a refractive thinker?

Until next time . . . happy thinking.

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