Honor The Struggle of Post Graduate Writing

Good morning colleagues

I wanted to offer comments regarding the frustration of this overall process of post graduate writing.   If you feel this way, know that you are not alone.  Learning to be comfortable with ambiguity is an important skill to master.  The process of the overall doctoral journey is learning to master our fears and challenges of the unknown.  Often we have that ‘feeling in the pit of our stomach’–perhaps referred to as cognitive dissonance—where our inside worlds do not yet match our outside world (or perhaps vice versa).  I more than understand.  We need to understand that the doctoral process is a learning journey, not quite a finite destination.

Let me again invite you to honor this struggle.  The path for the doctoral scholar is paved with curiosity and wonder, learning to sift, sort, and separate relevancy.  Be patient with yourself and others in the process (to include faculty, colleagues, mentor and your committee members).  Eventually your process will come into clear focus, however ‘things’ may be blurry for a while—and this is normal and to be expected.

Helpful?  Stay the course.  Remember that this process is a journey where “when the student is ready, the teacher will come.”  You may be amazed when you look back all of the help that was available.  Your name may be on the front of your diploma, however there are many whose names will be in invisible ink on the back.

Be patient and try to enjoy the process. *smiles*
With respect,


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