What is the role and social responsibility of the doctoral scholar?

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Today I want to begin where I left off yesterday, regarding what did you do with what you learned today?  I am currently working on my next writing piece for the award winning series: The Refractive Thinker.  Our next volume is Volume VII: Social Responsibility.  The topic I am pondering is with regard to the nature of the doctoral scholar.  What is their responsibiliy regarding what they have learned through their doctoral research?  Remember the adage “To whom much is given, much is expected”  Luke.  Knowledge is power and I contend–responsibility.

As scholars, there is an expectation, from our students, from our institutions, and perhaps society in general.  What do we do with what we have found?  How does society advance or move forward through the power of our pen and our research?  Again, we has, what do we do with what we have learned?

I welcome your thoughts as I believe in the power of one to change the world.

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