The Divergent Points of View of The Refractive Thinker® . . .

The goal of refractive thinking is to embrace the post modernism guise of being able to hold divergent points of view and theory simultaneously, building a foundation of duality. Society is uncomfortable with simultaneous duality—the thought that two divergent boundaries can exist and both can be correct—from their point of view is challenging to wrap one’s arms around. Dealing within this not only duality but multiplicity of meaning simultaneously is where refractive thinking exists, expands, and offers a new contemplation of thought. The goal is to be able to simply exist within a modality of asking why and why not, to challenge conventional wisdom to suggest what if? The goal is to build the capacity to understanding limitlessness and beyond what we think of currently as infinite wisdom. What is it that prevents most people from achieving this state? Why is it easier to cling to the safety of the confines of the proverbial box allowing only the dichotomy of opposites, or either or extremes? Instead, why not break this cycle of fear and simply stop? Choose to simply exist and go well beyond the box. Perhaps the solution is not a box at all. Instead, this is yet some free form that is fluid and dynamic, without an exact or known label. Can we exist without having to define the parameters of that existence definitely? This is the quest of the refractive thinker—to discover the yet unknown and to realize that one cannot put new ideas into old constructs.

Happy thinking as we begin this new year anew.


Dr. Cheryl Lentz
Chief Refractive Thinker

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December 30th, 2010 by admin

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