Tips for Effective Graduate Writing within the APA Format Style: References


Video: Tips for Effective Graduate Writing within the APA Format Style: References

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Hello and welcome back!  My name is Dr. Cheryl Lentz, owner of The Refractive Thinker® Press. Today our focus for Tips for Graduate Writing is on a review of writing in the APA style format with regard to References.

A Sample Reference page would look like this (see Below): 


Bass, B. (1990). Handbook of leadership. Theory, research, and managerial applications (3rd ed.). New York, NY: The Free Press.

Bennis, W. (1989). Why leaders can’t lead: The unconscious conspiracy continues. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Cryer, B., McCraty, R., & Childre, D. (2003). Pull the plug on stress. Harvard Business Review, 81(7), 102-107. Retrieved from hid=18&sid=a3b3f571-024d-4395-b7f4-e55fdfbe4b6e%40sessionmgr11&vid=12

Jones, G. R. (2010). Organizational theory, design, and change (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Lentz, C. (2010).  Epilogue: The refractive thinker®: The concept, where do we go from here? In C. Lentz (Ed.). The refractive thinker®: Vol. V: Strategy in innovation. Las Vegas, NV: The Refractive Thinker® Press.

Lentz, C. (2010). Journey outside the golden palace. Las Vegas, NV: The Lentz Leadership Institute.

Senge, P. (1990). The fifth discipline: The art & practice of the learning organization. New York, NY: Doubleday Books.

Wildes, V. J. (2008). How can organizational leaders really lead and serve at the same time?
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 20(1), 67-78. doi:  10.1108/09596110810848587.


Some of the most common areas:

(1) Be sure to use Times New Roman 12 pitch font

(2) Be sure to alphabetize your listings

(3) Be sure to use hanging indents (difficult to do here within the blog)

(4) Be sure to double space

(5) Be sure to include single spaces between elements

(6) Be sure to include author’s last names and first initials only—to preserve gender bias

(7) Be sure to include a comma after the author initial in multiple listings:  Smith, A., Douglas, B., & Cook, C.

(8) Be sure to include the ‘&’ symbol for your references list; while the word ‘and’ is used for your in paper citations:   According to Smith and Douglas (2010), while the citation and reference would be (Smith & Douglas, 2010).

(9) Be sure that your titles are in sentence case: The quick brown fox.  Instead of title case; The Quick Brown Fox.

(10) If your source is a book, then place your title in italics.

(11) If your source is from a scholarly journal, place the journal in italics

(12) If a journal, be sure to review the proper format for journals with regard to volume, issue, and page numbers

(13) If a book, be sure to include the city and abbreviation for state, then publisher: Chicago, IL: Pearson Education.

(14) If you are downloading from a website, be sure to include the full website address: Retrieved from  *Be sure to include the http:// part*

(15) Remember that the website address is only used on your references list.  A website address is NOT used for in paper citations.

(16) If you are downloading from a database such as ProQuest or EbscoHost, be sure to look for the doi designate:  doi is in lower case (as in the example above) and stands for digital objective identifier.  Think of this as the social security number or ISBN number of a book. 

(17) Because of the doi: 6th version of APA format no longer requires the use of dates or database indication.  Retrieved February 16, 2011 from ProQuest Database.  Is no longer used.

For more tips on effective academic writing, please visit me at my blog at  Thank you for joining me.  My name is Dr. Cheryl Lentz and I hope you find these suggestions within this video helpful. Good luck to you in your academic writing pursuits.  Cheers!

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