Video: Bennis and Cashman: Thoughts on Leadership . . .

Let me offer some thoughts by Warren Bennis—a strong influential force within education. This video is only a few moment and well worth watching. He has a series of videos that are wonderful, as well as his books, one of my favorites: Why Leaders’ Can’t Lead from 1989.

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One of my favorite quotes: “Leaders are not born but made, and not made as much by others as by themselves” (Bennis, 1989, p. 27). This supports Cashman’s theory from his book Leadership From the Inside Out, where he writes: “Our training, development, and educational systems focus on learning about things. We learn what to think, not how to think. We learn what to do, not how to be. We learn what to acheive, not how to achieve. We learn about things, not the nature of things. We tend to fill up the container of knowledge, but rarely consider comprehending it, expanding it, or using it more effectively” (Cashman, 1998, p. 19).

Good points for us to ponder further regarding the nature of leadership.

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Bennis, W. (1989). Why leaders can’t lead. New York, NY: Jossey Bass.

Cashman, K. (1998). Leadership: From the inside out. Minneapolis, MN: TCLG.

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