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Faculty: Do students ignore your syllabus? Learn to meet student needs!

Do you teach in the online classroom?  Do your students ignore your syllabus or your posts in class?  Do their writing assignments miss the mark? Give your students what they want: Technology.

Join Dr. Cheryl Lentz for a 1 hour seminar to learn effective teaching strategies using emerging technologies. Free ebook for early registration.

Sign up today; class size is limited.  Learn step-by-step with a very patient experienced faculty with proven strategies that will amaze your students, leading to more effective student performance and mastery of learning outcomes.

Register here: Join us on March 15th at 1 pm MST and improve your teaching strategies!

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 Dr. Cheryl Lentz

Technology that Tutors Webinar

March 15th 2014

  • Programs run 1-2 pm time (MST)
  • Early bird tuition $30.00 Regular tuition $40.00

Technology offers such a solution with the creation of the blog. Think of the blog as technology that tutors 24/7. Welcome to the world of the blog where some of my efforts as a professor are now scalable. I can create a video (with transcript), embed on my blog, and simply provide the link to my students as the need or topic may arise in my class discussions. With a quick click of a mouse, I simply copy and paste the link and . . . Voila! I have now created a permanent supplemental teaching tool, i.e. with me as the teacher in the video using technology that tutors. Please join me on this journey as I offer a path to shorten your learning curve with increased efficiency in teaching methods as we look to the blog with 7 ways to save time by using the blog as a teaching tool. Who should enroll

  •  Academic professionals and business trainers, looking to enhance their business relationships with their students and clients with digital marketing.

Other information

  • You are encouraged to have a computer available for this seminar.

Faculty Dr. Cheryl Lentz, DM, MSIR, is the multi award winning publisher of the internationally acclaimed series, The Refractive Thinker®a collaboration of more than 80 contributing doctoral scholars from around the world. As President of The Lentz Leadership Institute, she is dedicated to publishing exceptional dissertation research. She is also an international bestselling author, published 19-times with 12 awards known globally for her writings as an authority on leadership, critical and refractive thinking, as well as an educator integrating emerging technology as part of her teachings in her ground breaking book: Technology That Tutors: 7 Ways to Save Time Using the Blog as a Teaching Tool. As an accomplished university professor, speaker, editor, and consultant, she is a highly sought after expert in teaching thousands to apply critical thinking skills to problem solve in record time. Join Dr. Cheryl as she offers proven strategies to shorten your learning curve when integrating  emerging technologies in your classroom.

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