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Self-imposed Boundaries as one Looks Toward the New Year . . .

Hello colleagues

I have been intrigued by a Blog by Seth Godin about boundaries: The Thing about a Sheet of Paper  Seth is very unique regarding what it means to be creative.  Here at The Refractive Thinker, we are all about the edge of the box. Seth writes a very clever line, Creative people often excel because they change the shape of the clean sheet.

I am fascinated by this idea of boundaries.  Many people think that creativity and critical thinking is merely the ability to think outside the box, but even by thinking outside the box, there are still these self-imposed boundaries–the edge of the sheet of paper so to speak.  The real goal is to think beyond the box, beyond the edge, beyond these boundaries–or the limits of the edge.

Particularly as we approach the new year, the question to ask is what are your self-imposed boundaries? Where is your edge? AND can you take just one step further? In Seth’s mind, can you change the shape of the clean sheet?

Hmmm–something amazingly simply yet profound to start our path for the new year.

My very best for your success as we consider the expanse of 2015 . . .

Cheryl Lentz, DM

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December 26th, 2014 by admin