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The Art of Thinking: The WRIST Method–Part R


Let’s continue our discussion regarding the WRIST Method as we move to the second letter – R.  R stands for rules.

When we need a new perspective and a new direction, to move us forward from being ‘stuck’—the solution can be as simple as changing our rules. Perhaps when you attempt to solve a problem, you begin in a linear fashion, moving systematically from Point A to Point B to Point C.  What if a new approach is needed?  How can you perhaps start at the end and work backwards or maybe start in the middle and work yourself out from the middle?  Sometimes we simply need a new vantage point from which to see the problem.  When we change our rules and boundaries, we change how we think when we use these rules.

Next time you become ‘stuck’ in your problem solving, simple change the rules and your point of reference and see if this might just shift your thinking!

Be sure to share your stories regarding how this technique worked for you. Often this problem solving technique can work when we get stuck in our writing as well.  We look forward hearing from you.*Smiles*

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Dr. Cheryl Lentz

Chief Refractive Thinker®

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July 19th, 2013 by admin