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Dissertation Writing Tips: How do you know when you have enough?

Dear colleagues

Many of my students ask, how do I know when I have enough? What they are asking is how do I know when I have made my point to connect to my reader to ensure understanding? How do we know that we have completed the communication circle? How do we know that our reader has understood the points we are trying to make?

There are many strategies to ensure this communication loop has been closed. One is to engage with your audience. If you were offering a presentation, you could ask your audience confirmatory questions to ensure their understanding. If you are a writer in the Internet space and using a blog such as this one, you can ask your audience to post comments to ensure that what you intended connected with your audience.

What other ways do you use to know that you have connected with your audience to ensure understanding? Be sure to share your effective strategies with us.

With respect,


Dr. Cheryl Lentz

Chief Refractive Thinker®

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April 12th, 2013 by admin