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Dissertation Publishing: What if students don’t make the grade?


Our topic today is timely with the new year regarding goal setting and direction.  Often, the beginning of the new year helps us refine what we expect to accomplish for the year.  As faculty, sometimes we have the unfortunate task of reviewing dissertation writing that does not make the grade.  What if writing doesn’t meet doctoral level standards? Should a student be allowed to continue?

As professionals, we must acknowledge that one cannot be good at everything.  There are some skills for which we have a natural talent, others we may perhaps learn over time with practice, and others we simply may never be able to acquire.  What if we simply do not have the skills for doctoral level writing and research?

Of course, one may hire many different experts as editors, consultants, and resources to help.  BUT, it is path appropriate?  A dissertation or PhD study is not intended to be a one time event.  Completion of the doc study, dissertation, or PhD research demonstrates skills that are needed as a doctoral scholar far beyond just completing one’s doctoral dissertation.  One has to be able to be able to continue to use these skills as a doctoral writer —to include mastery of APA format.

The question is if institutions of higher learning are serving their students well by allowing students who do not demonstrate the needed writing skills to remain in the pursuit of doctoral level education.

I welcome your thoughts.

My best,

Dr. Cheryl Lentz

The Academic EntrepreneurTM

January 17th, 2014 by admin