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Dissertation Writing Tips: Activity vs. Productivity

Good morning colleagues–

Our topic for this week is the difference between activity and productivity.  You may recall a previous blog post regarding my Rocking Chair Strategy (please use the search function for this specific blog) where this activity offers movement, but not specific forward progress or productivity.  I seem to find that many of my students, as well as business leaders/employees for my consulting work, confuse efforts with outcomes, activity with productivity.

What then is the solution?  How do we avoid this confusion? Action. We must have specific goals that lead us to specific accomplishment.  We want to be the right kind of busy where our efforts result in productive outcomes.

For me, each day (or perhaps the night before), I make a list of specific outcomes or accomplishments I need to do each day.  I then number them and prioritize those that I HAVE to complete, those that I would LIKE to complete, and those that would be a bonus if I COULD complete.   I then make sure that those on my HAVE to list are always completed by the end of the day.  As a result, my efforts are always productive in some way.

How do you you move from activity to productivity to ensure that your efforts translate into specific outcomes?  I look forward hearing more about your best practices and strategies.

My best,


Dr. Cheryl Lentz

Chief Refractive Thinker®

Refractive Thinker: Vol VII: Social Responsibility

Refractive Thinker: Vol VII: Social Responsibility

December 6th, 2012 by admin