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Saying vs. Doing

Good morning colleagues

Today, our focus is on saying vs. doing, talking vs. action.  I personally focus on what people do, more than what they say.  Why?  So few walk the talk . . .  The question is what is your legacy?  Do people know you as one who has accomplished many things–or only as one who talks about accomplishing many things.

Think of the person who has for years been talking about taking that trip, writing that book, starting that business, or beginning a special project.  How much faith do you have in their word when they don’t finish what they say they intend to do?  My philosophy is JUST DO IT!  Way to go Niki.  Why put off today what you can do tomorrow?  If you do it today, you won’t have to do it tomorrow.

My least favorite phrase is “I’ll take care of it.”  For some, I wonder if they really will or ever will.  For others, I have no confidence that they will at all.  I wonder why they find comfort in setting themselves (and others) up for failure.  By saying I”ll take care of it, the receiver of the message–now has an expectation—committed to by the person.   Better to have NOT made such a statement or commitment, then set oneself and others up for eventual failure.

Be sure to watch what you say carefully.  Do what you say, say what you do.  Very sage advice for all of us.  JUST DO IT!

Happy Holidays!   Be careful of distractions this time of year.  Time management is crucial as is this philosophy to ensure that we accomplish what we say we will.  Our reputation depends on this.

My best,

Cheryl Lentz, DM

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November 18th, 2015 by admin