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The Impact of Digital Technology on Publishing

Dear Colleagues

The hot topic in publishing is the impact of digital technology regarding the scholarly community.  We at The Refractive Thinker® Press more than recognize this impact, as we have had a very unique business model since our inception.  Not only do we publish a physical book and its eBook counterpart, we also differentiate ourselves by publishing individual eChapters from each volume, available in a reader’s favorite digital format, from Nook to Kindle, from Ipads to Smartphones.

Our philosophy has always been to fish where the fish are; in other words, we need to be where our customers are to serve their needs.  For less than a price of a cup of coffee, $3.95, one can have their favorite topic or favorite Refractive Thinker® author on their favorite digital device, to ensure that we meet the demands of our customers.

Additionally, this fall we are actually debuting a digital only series.  The Refractive Thinker: Volume IX: Effective Business Practices in Leadership & Emerging Technologies will be available ONLY in eBook (and individual eChapters).

The Refractive Thinker eBook Series  Click here for more information if you are a doctoral scholar and would like to publish with us.

The question remains for us to consider how digital technologies have impacted the publishing of the written word.  We look forward hearing your stories!


Dr. Cheryl Lentz
The Academic Entrepreneur™

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July 31st, 2014 by admin