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One Minute Moment by Laura Grisborne

Hello Refractive Thinkers.

Today I attended a webinar by Laura Grisborne  (  I was so impressed by this technique that I had to share its power.   The goal of this one minute moment was to simply power down and connect to the world from the inside out.   When we are in our ‘triple A personality’ moments according to Laura, we often lose sight of ourselves.  When we aren’t in balance on the inside, than we are at our most vulnerable in our approach to our outside world.

The irony is the to increase our efficiency, we often have to slow down at our core.  To tune into to ourselves offers the balance we seek.   Isn’t this just elegantly simple?

Just wanted to share, particularlyl with the craziness that often follows the pursuit of one’s doctorate.  May I invite you to visit Laura’s site for additional inspiration?  I’m sure you will enjoy her expertise.   Kudos to Sabrina Gibson for introducing me to such an inspirational woman!  

Happy Tuesday!



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May 17th, 2011 by admin