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Writing: The Journey Without Distance

Good morning colleagues

In attending a seminar this week by Marianne Williamson, I was struck by something she said about the journey within–where one doesn’t have to go anywhere external to find the answers.  I find the same metaphor to hold true regarding the process of writing. To change our writing, we simply change our thinking.  To change our thinking, we simply journey inward to examine our core values and beliefs.

Writing is simple the means through which we share and communicate ideas. To share our ideas with others, we simply have to examine or beliefs, where the journey becomes one within. If we want to change our experience with writing, we must spend time inwardly regarding where our challenges may lie.

Think of writing as taking your reader on a journey. We have something of value to share with our audience. Writing becomes a journey for which we share our thoughts.  For those who may experience writers block, examining the reason for writing may be helpful.  When we start with the end in mind–the destination to which we are taking our reader–we then work backwards to create the path to get there using critical and refractive thinking as the tools.

Alice in Alice in Wonderland may be our guide here.  When she too comes to a crossroads–a fork in the road, she looks to the Cheshire Cat for answers. Alice asks: “Which way do I go?” when looking at the two paths in front of her to which the Cheshire Cat replies: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will do.”

Our answer to writing then can be found in the journey without distance, where we must search inside for the answers we seek.

I welcome your thoughts regarding how you take this journey within.  Please take the time to share your thoughts on this blog with me.  I look forward to your stories.

My best,

Dr. Cheryl Lentz
Writer and fellow soul searcher . . .
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May 6th, 2015 by admin