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Overwhelm: How to Overcome

Good morning colleagues

The topic this week is the idea of the feeling of overwhelm.  How do we overcome this feeling? What are your best practices.

Let me share a few of mine.

First, take a moment to just sit and breathe. I created the WRIST method, where the S-means to change your space.  I simply need to change the space in my mind. I need calm, I need clarity—I just need to breathe . . .

John Maxwell, 360 Degree Leader, offered one of my favorite concepts–The Thinking Chair. Where do you go just to think? To process the day or events? To just be?  This technique took me years to work on.  Sometimes we simply have to be in the present, to get in touch with where we are, AND where we want to go.  We need to move from being REactive, to being PROactive.

Second, sometimes I just need to let the world stop and let me catch my breath to catch up. Sometimes I need to hide and disconnect from the world.  By finding a place where I can just sit and think—Maxwell’s The Thinking Chair–is one of my favorites.  Where is this chair? Sometimes it is my favorite swing in the backyard, sometimes it is a place in my favorite church, or sometimes (when I really can’t physically get away!), I build a place in my mind.

What do you do to overcome that feeling of overwhelm? Make sure to take the time to breathe and make sure to find a place to think.

Until next time,

Dr. Cheryl Lentz
The Academic EntreprenuerTM

October 10th, 2014 by admin