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Lessons from Mother Nature: What Can We Learn?

Good morning everyone

I recently posted one of my favorite videos in my Leadership Class: Lessons from Geese (see video below).  This began my thinking about what other lessons Mother Nature has to teach us.

Let’s talk about the Lesson of the Chameleon for our discussion today—yet another valuable lesson in leadership from Mother Nature.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
― Albert Einstein

The art of the chameleon is the ability to know when to adapt, when to blend in–ideally to thwart one’s enemies.  This strategy is not a bad strategy for the business world either–to know when to step in, when to step out, when to step up, and when to step back.  If we practice true servant leadership and only serve our followers, we don’t care who gets the credit.  We simply know that we may be the invisible hand that guides our team to victory.  We know when to step back to allow others to shine as we help them move forward.

Mother Nature is amazing to offer chameleon’s this ability to blend in with their environment, to blend in with the background, to know that as a servant leader, we mentor those who follow us to help them succeed, yet they are in the spotlight—no need for us to be there.  (We do know the role we played in their success and that is truly enough to step back and simply smile. *smiles*)

What lessons from geese and the chameleon do you practice during the course of your day?  What lessons can you learn from Mother Nature? There are many gifts all around us if we pay close attention.  Do spend time in nature—you may be amazed what you may learn.

Happy thinking!

My best to your success!

Dr. Cheryl


November 2nd, 2016 by admin