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Dissertation Writing Tips: Where do you see yourself in terms of your place in the world?

Dear Colleagues:

Today I am deep in thought regarding where I see myself as part of the world.  With regard to systems thinking, there are many worlds to consider.  In thinking of the world as a giant puzzle board, where we each are a unique piece, I can’t help but wonder if my piece fits as well as it might?  Am I being as effective as I could be?  Am I a good steward of the environment?  Am I a good steward of my students?  Of my fellow colleagues?  For my administrators of the higher institutions for whom I teach?  Hmm.

I am still working through Peter Senge’s Dance of Change, deep in thought regarding my place in the world.  We are members of many concentric intersecting circles within our environment, particularly within systems thinking.  For some circles, I feel confident I am doing my best.  For others, I am not so sure.  It has been a while to be candid that I have taken stock of ‘things’ in my life and evaluated how I feel I’m doing.  Now seems to be the perfect opportunity to focus on how my behavior supports my quest to be a refractive thinker.  Care to join me?

When was the last time you took stock?  Are you happy where you find yourself in the world?  Feel free to share your thoughts as I would be interested to know. *Smiles*.  Happy reflection time.

Remember the now famous quote by Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  

With respect,


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