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Publishing Tip: The Price of Access or Association?


Our focus this week is regarding the price of access or association.  When we want to publish our writings, be they a blog, a journal article, or a book, what is the price we may be willing to pay for the privilege of networking or association? What is the perceived and ‘real’ value?

For example, does it matter with whom and where you publish?  Does a top tier publish have more value than a niche publisher for example?  The answer is that it depends.  Status or the perceived value of status is an interesting concept to ponder.  If one uses an outcome based approach, we can then look to what outcome or end result we hope to achieve, and work backwards to ensure that we have an effective strategy to get there.  For some, with whom we associate may very well be as important (or more important) then the published work itself.

As doctoral scholars, where we obtain our credentials may follow the same logic.  If one wants to work in the Ivy League for example, than a degree from an Ivy League Institution of Higher Learning may be a requirement, if not perhaps a cultural unwritten rule or expectation.  Therefore, by the same token, where we publish may indeed be important.  Are we publishing in the right place? With the right people?  Where is the credibility, the awards, the results?  What results are expected and most important?  Remember, book sales are not the only or even key metric for success.  What makes the most sense for you?  What scholarly community would offer the most value to you and the outcomes you are hoping to achieve?

Continue to ponder regarding the concept regarding the price of access or association.  Sometimes the company we keep, may indeed define much more than who we are.

My best to your continued success!

Dr. Cheryl Lentz

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February 8th, 2014 by admin