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Realistic Support Expectations for the Student Doctoral Scholar

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 Realistic Support Expectations for the Student Doctoral Scholar

Hello and welcome back!  My name is Dr. Cheryl Lentz, owner of The Lentz Leadership Institute.  Today our focus is on Tips for Success for the Student Doctoral Scholar: Realistic Support Expectations.  

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As a doctoral mentor or chair, committee member, and editor, I often see the challenges that a doctoral student faces first hand regarding realistic expectations for their doctoral program.  Not only is meeting their program requirements important, but how they will meet the expectations in their work and personal lives as well can be a daunting challenge.  Students do not exist in a vacuum.  Life does not stop while one is in school.  Often we have others in our lives to include family, friends, coworkers, and significant others who also have expectations for our time over the course of our doctoral pursuit.  Many times, this balance of commitment priorities is a struggle and a source of continual stress and heart ache.  For some, this lack of balance can be a show stopper as well.

The real challenge may be that students simply do not know what is realistic to expect; they don’t know what they don’t know.  Consequently, they do not know how to prepare their friends, family, and significant others for their realistic expectations either.  What then is a student to do?

The most effective strategy to avoid this crisis of expectations is to have a meeting of the minds with all stakeholders in the student’s life who have a stake in the outcome.  This meeting will facilitate what may be possible in partnership with the student in their pursuit of their doctorate degree.  The student cannot complete this journey on their own.  This bears repeating.  The student’s name may be on the front of their diploma; however there are many names that will be needed that will appear on the back to move EVERYONE successfully forward.

Few students ever take the time to sit down with their families and significant others to outline and discuss realistic expectations for everyone who is affected by the student’s life during this process of the pursuit of the doctoral degree.  What events can a student realistically attend?  What events might they have to miss or postpone?  There are only 24 hours in a day, how we each divide these hours among the priorities in our lives can be a daunting challenge.  With realistic expectations on the part of the student as well as those in the student’s life such as one’s spouse or significant other, children, parents, extended family, church, community groups, and the student’s employer, success will be more realistically possible for all concerned.  Remember that these sacrifices are only over the short-term during the doctoral scholar’s time as a student.  This stress will not last forever. *Smiles* Having realistic expectations with the appropriate perspective will contribute to everyone’s effective outcome as the doctoral student scholar pursues their dream.

For students, I wish you continued success during your doctoral journey.  For those affected by a student’s pursuit, I hope these realistic expectations may provide a stronger foundation on which to travel.  I do hope our work together today regarding the importance of support will save everyone valuable time, reduce stress, and minimize the potential negative impacts of the doctoral journey.  I have found that my own journey was well worth my efforts; however there were many rocky hills to climb being a source of stress that might have been avoided.  Hang in there—everyone! 

For more tips on effective academic study systems and graduate writing, please visit my blog at Click on Blog.  Thank you again for joining me today.  My name is Dr. Cheryl Lentz and I hope you find these suggestions within this video helpful. Good luck to you in your academic writing pursuits.  Cheers!

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