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Dissertation Writing Tips: Optimetric Relativism: How do we measure what we see?

Hello colleagues

My focus is regarding relative vision: how do we measure what we see?  Think of the concept of relativism–we compare what we know to what is new and then judge or evaluate accordingly.  As a result, our evaluation is subjective—based on our perceptions of what we can see in relation to what we have seen.

This example is a result of my husband’s recent Lasik Surgery.  He is used to seeing 20/15 with contacts.  As a result of surgical correction, his eyes are now perhaps 20/25 and 20/20 [and healing].  While for some people this would be amazing, compared to previous boundaries, this adjustment is not as good.  Why? The challenge is his perception relative to his original perception.  For many of us 20/20 is awesome, however if you are accustomed to 20/15, this level relative to our own standards still lacks clarity.

Let’s now apply this to our thinking, learning, and writing.  As students and faculty, we often benefit from a baseline measure of where we are (or our skills are) in relation to where we want to be AND relative to where we have been.  Optimetric relativism then is a moving criteria as we move from what we already know, to what we are learning, to what we want to learn–all relative to A standard and OUR standard.

What do we think about this type of relativism?  In my ethics classes, we talk of moral relativism, what do you think of optic or optimetric relativism perhaps?

I welcome your thoughts.

We learn together.

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Dr. Cheryl Lentz

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