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Dissertation Writing Tip: Self-Mythology

Dear colleagues

Our focus this week is on what we tell ourselves—or another way to think of ourselves is our self-mythology.  Seth Godin used this term on his blog this week and the light went on for me. What a unique way to think of our legacy of what we offer others. *Smiles*

As writers, we create our own inner dialogues of what we think of ourselves that eventually comes through our writing.  As a Man Thinketh is a famous book from 1902 by James Allen.  Whatever we think of ourselves, we are right.  We can be our own worst enemies as writers can we not?  If we think we have writers block, the ideas will not come.  If we think our ideas are not good enough, we write as if we are apologizing instead of writing from a position of strength as the experts we are.

What then is the answer?  Write a better self-mythology.  Write from a position of strength.  Have confidence in what we have to say.

My best to your writing efforts this week!

With respect,


Dr. Cheryl Lentz

Chief Refractive Thinker®


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