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Getting to the bottom of procrastination . . .

Good morning colleagues

This week’s topic focuses on the challenge of procrastination.  What is procrastination?  More importantly how do we overcome this barrier–particularly to writing?  Whether writing a dissertation/doc study or completing a book, distractions are all around us.  Why do we let distractions come between us and our goals?

Personally, I just finished my latest eBook the end of July.  It is a Siberian Husky Handbook for those considering adopting a rescue Siberian Husky.  I founded: Siberian Husky Rescue of NM back in 1998 to help save these amazing animals.  About 4 years ago (or so!), I offered to write a book to help new Siberian Husky Owners, where the proceeds of book sales would directly benefit the Siberians in our rescue group.  The name of the book is : Welcome Home: Siberian Husky Rescue Handbook

Sadly, this book was merely something I talked about, seemingly forever.  I am NOT a procrastinator by nature, which is why I was so frustrated. I am typically very good at time management.  I am a list maker with several lists as a matter of fact.  I call them my magic To Done Lists.  Once something gets on the list, eventually, it gets done.

Writing this book, however, for some reason took YEARS to get off my list.  I don’t know why either,  as the book was so much fun to write!  I was able to look at old pictures and memories of many of my personal dogs (Thunder, Ms. Duchess, and Montana) who are no longer with us, as well as some of our former rescues.  The antics of Siberian Huskies are often both frustrating, as well as hysterical.  I laughed, I cried–it was a wonderful process—once I got started.

That phrase–once I get started— seems to come out often from many I talk to, books I read, and students I mentor.  The writing was easy; the getting started part was hard.  I can perhaps understand why one may procrastinate as a result of something being difficult or even unpleasant.  I do not understand why this book took much longer than it needed to, particularly since it was so much fun to write!

Please share with me your experiences and best practices.  There was no secret I can share other than I simply made up my mind, put the date of finishing by August 1st (I finished July 31st), committed to writing at least one chapter a week, then it was one chapter a day, and voila–the book seemed to take on a life and momentum all its own.

What is your secret?

We look forward hearing from you!

My best,

Dr. Cheryl Lentz
The Academic EntrepreneurTM, (Recovering procrastinator!)

Siberian Husky Rescue Dr Cheryl Lentz


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