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What is the Cost of Distraction?

Dear Colleagues

Have you ever considered the cost of the many distractions we encounter every day? What does it cost us when we are distracted by email and social media? Calls to family and friends?  What is the cost to our stress level? Our frustrations?  Can we put a price tag on what these distractions cost us in terms of productivity, money, and control of our time?

Distractions rob us of our productivity, our full capability, where we trade busy for productive. (see Rocking Chair Strategy) Distractions stop us from moving forward.

Thought of another way, can we put a price tag on everything we do every day that leads us to actually making money? In my classes we talk about the Balridge Criteria   . This award focuses on the best of the best in terms of performance excellence in business, specifically strategic alignment between mission and vision statements to every day activities.

Can you imagine what your day would look like if you ONLY focused on efforts that were productive? What if your efforts ONLY led efficiently and directly to revenue goals?  What then is distraction costing you and your business?

Good things for us to think about as we look to improving our lives in the world of business.

Please share your stories.  Be sure to think about: What is distraction costing you?

My best,

Dr. Cheryl Lentz
15 time award winning Publisher & Editor


April 9th, 2015 by admin