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Dissertation Publishing Tips: Time Management: Time or Task?

Dear friends:

An interesting debate has emerged with my students this week.  What is more important regarding time management?  Do we focus on time or task?  For example, when we plan our strategy of things to accomplish this week, do we focus on time—whatever we can complete regarding our task between 1 and 3 pm? OR Do we focus on completing the task regardless of how long (or not) the task may take?

Personally, I find that I have a To Do List and I work until my To Do List becomes my To Done List.  If I have time set aside for my task, while I try to be accurate regarding the investment of time that may be needed, I cannot cross my task off my list until complete.  Therefore I am one that focuses on the task, not the time that I may have available.  Why?  I am more interested in completion results, than efforts.

Perhaps a review of my Rocking Chair Strategy blog post may be in order?  Be sure to use the search feature to find.

What is your strategy? I welcome your feedback!.

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