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The Secret for Dissertation Success: The Key is Attitude (transcript)

Hello and welcome back! My name is Dr. Cheryl Lentz, owner of The Refractive Thinker® Press. Today our focus is on the Secret for Doctoral Success: The key is Attitude.

The secret to dissertation completion may very well come down to one word . . . attitude.

In my years since my own doctoral journey, my mentor and I now remember with humor some of my personal resistance to feedback and criticism. I recall in particularly the feedback from one of my committee members where I was convinced there was more of her writing than my own. I struggled for many days as a result of this feedback. After careful reflection and thoughtful guidance by my mentor, I realized my frustration was not in the corrections that were offered, as these suggestions for my review were offered with much love and kindness.

My real struggle was quite frankly my attitude. I could not yet understand that writing was simply a skill like any other. As part of the writing process, I had to learn to separate myself the writer, from myself the person. As a human being, I am quite lovely and loveable. *smiles* My writing, particularly as I began the writing process, perhaps not so much. I had to understand that perpetual editing was simply part of the writing process, particularly as part of the doctoral journey.

There is a quote by Emerson that may offer us some guidance here.

Do not go where the path may lead,
Go instead where there is no path,
and leave a trail.

There are really only two choices, to either blaze a trail by ourselves or we can follow the footsteps of our mentor. While blazing a trail may be ideal for business, I wouldn’t recommend this strategy for the doctoral process. *smiles* Remember that while your name is on the front of the diploma; there are many coaches, cheerleaders, and colleagues who are on the back.

This idea of following in someone’s footsteps is really the foundation for the mentor and coaching process. The difference? A coach will know the rules, while a mentor has played the game. The purpose in this case is to follow the lead of someone who has already been through the dissertation process—your mentor, your committee, perhaps even your editor.

We can learn to trust these guides for their wisdom as we move forward, or we can attempt to go through this process on our own. Again, our success may come down to this one word, attitude. Can we check our ego at the door, and learn to trust those that have gone before us?  I will leave you to answer this question on your.  Remember, cooperate to graduate.  *smiles*

I wish you continued success during your doctoral journey. I do hope our work together today regarding the importance of attitude will save you valuable time and effort. Enjoy your learning!

For more tips on effective academic study systems and graduate writing, please visit my blog at Click on Blog. Thank you again for joining me today. My name is Dr. Cheryl Lentz and I hope you find these suggestions within this video helpful. Good luck to you in your academic writing pursuits. Cheers!

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