Dr. Lentz was quite literally an academic life-saver for me!  I had an awful experience with a previous dissertation editor that left me discouraged and desperate.  When I explained my predicament to my Professor she recommended Dr. Lentz.  Joy ensued from there on in!   My project required a great deal of overhaul and direction and this was a great lesson in humility –  Dr. Lentz’s comments page after page were filled with kindness as well as critique.  Dr. Lentz’s first call to me after reading my project began with, “Let’s take a deep breath here…”  We were then able to begin the process and work together to move my project to a version that flew through committee review and defense.  I certainly did not believe Dr. Lentz when I was in the midst of panic over never finishing, when she said: “you’ll get through this and the title of Doctor will never get old.”  I now have the lovely letters behind my name to reinforce the fact that Dr. Mom is a pretty cool title and I am confident it will never “get old.”  My highest recommendation to anyone in need of editorial assistance

Rose Whitcomb, Psy.D, LPC, CEAP

BNSF Employee Assistance Regional Manager

Springfield Division

1625 N. Lexington Ave.

Springfield, MO  65802

(May 2016)


Thank you Dr. Lentz,

I am amazed at the work you do in such a short period of time. The editing is so detailed and tangible, it makes it so easy to follow-up with my chair, and think through how I can modify my dissertation for the reader. Thank you!

Tameka Brigham (March 2016)


Dr. Cheryl, since meeting in August of 2009, in your communications class at UOP, I have become one who believes in the power of words, you know what I mean! The tools you gave me to succeed in class, have impacted me to become a better communicator, leader and to identify various ways to communicate with others in the corporate setting outside the corporate world on a daily basis.

Dr. Cheryl is a very brilliant woman, teacher, coach, friend, and a leader. I was attracted to her because of her unselfishness, and a willing heart to not only share the knowledge she has with those around her, but also to empower them to look beyond themselves.

Dr. Cheryl, I thank you for everything, your wisdom, coaching, and for giving me a wing to fly on. You are an amazing strong woman and a great friend that shares all she has!

Eva Katushabe (June 2015)


Thank you so much. This is soooooo very helpful! I am going to review in great detail tomorrow evening with the APA Manual, but at a glance this is very detailed and I very much appreciate your help!

Colleen Bastian  (April 2015)


Dr. Lentz,

All I can say is WOW!  You are amazing.

Blaine Mills  (April 2015)


Hello Dr. Lentz,

I am most honored to have you in my editing team. For the past few days, I learned a lot from your feedback. You are not only editing my work, but also preparing me for the future in regard to perfecting a dissertation. Thanks for the new knowledge you are giving me.I will use that knowledge to the best of my ability.

As you suggested, I had to take a deep breath to digest the new knowledge you passed to me through your review. It took about two weeks to complete the revisions. I had to do 2 things simultaneously: (a) make the appropriate corrections, and (b) understand each concept in reference to the APA manual. Today, I resubmit my dissertation to the Form and Format Reviewer.


After completing the work, I realized that you did not solely help me with the editing, but also provided me with the necessary knowledge for the future. I will jealously keep the copies of your review as a cookbook for future reference.

Thanks for a job well done, and May God bless you!

With much appreciation,

Gabriel Chery (Feb 2015)


Hello and Happy New Year Dr. Lentz! Thank you for your help and guidance in helping me to have and practice doctoral writing. I am making corrections on my Proposal and making preparations to submit my writing to my Chair. He mentioned that my writing has progressed so much since my first submission. Thank you!  Sammy Johnson (Jan 2015)


Dr. Cheryl and Dr. Judy,

Wanted to share my GREAT news of Dean’s approval. Many thanks for your support in my doctoral journey.

Yes, I am very happy. I will schedule my oral defense very soon.

So, my study adds to your collective track record of EXCELLENCE in providing the right attention for doctoral students.

Enjoy. Cheers, Robby Fuentes (2013)


I want to convey utmost appreciation to Dr. Cheryl Lentz and Dr. Judy Fisher-Blando from The Lentz Leadership Institute for providing their editing support .

Antoinette H. Knighten (2012)