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Our topic for today is the idea of resistance. Please see this audio clip from my recent appearance on radio show Daybreak with Angie Austin based on the book: LinchPin by Seth Godin.

Happy thinking!  Dr. Cheryl Lentz

What do you resist? AND what are you going to do about it . . .

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The challenge we continue to work through is the tug of war between you and what Seth Godin calls—the lizard brain. Your lizard brain tends to work over time to get you to shup up, sit down and do your day job. This part of you will invent all kinds of stories, illnesses and emergencies and distractions to keep the genius in you bottled up and contained. Why? Resistance is afraid, afraid of what will have to you if you release what is bottled up. What if the ideas get out, what if your gifts are received, if the magic happens? Remember, we have talked about that many are afraid of putting it out there for fear of what others may say.

It is often a challenge to understand why many do things that are self-destructive. Why do we forget to back up the report for work or the paper for school we’ve spent so much time on? Why do we sabotage our work in a moment of fear?

Think about why we shy away from useful criticism or substantive leadership? Isn’t it much easier to hide behind the office door or the golden palace instead of looking people in the eye and making a difference. To do so is risky and exposes us to risk. It is simply easier to play it safe isn’t it?
Many of us simply cannot push through this fear. Fear often wins out because its stronger. We are too afraid people won’t like the idea or worse—won’t like us. Remember that voice in your head? Too many people only listen to the doubter—the “I told you It wouldn’t work” voice. What if we simply stopped listening? Remember, looking busy and being busy is not the same as being productive. The Rocking Chair strategy as I call it fools us into thinking we are doing ok because we are BUSY BUSY BUSY. But what happens is resistance. We drown ourselves in being busy, we soothe ourselves by finding things to do, but are we making progress? Are we productive? Are we meeting the goals we set or those set for us?

Its simple really. Resistance isn’t comfortable, so we learn to avoid. We don’t like conflict, we don’t like resistance, we don’t want to deal with the fear. We then simply avoid risks. We avoid accomplishment, we avoid shipping Discomfort brings change and engagement. To become indispensable we need to overcome resistance. Resist resistance by doing the right things in the right order at the right time, REGARDLESS of the fear.

FDR—our president has a great quote: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Feel the fear and do it anyway. We only grow and expand if we face and move beyond our discomfort. Discomfort moves us forward, motivates for a different way. Thus, the lesson is—you don’t need more genius—you simply need less resistance.

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