Editing: Invest in Yourself

Dear colleagues

When we look at the prospect of hiring an editor, many may only see the cost of the services of the editor. Let me offer the rest of the story regarding why hiring an editor may be a good idea to contribute to your bottom line.

  • Hiring an Editor as a Writing Coach.  Consider that hiring an editor is hiring a writing coach. An editor is going to help you improve your mastery of writing in ways that you may not yet understand.  The editor may help you to more quickly develop and further your writing style; to tweak a phrase, find a more appropriate word, or adjust grammar.  The goal of any coach is to shorten your learning curve–to help you get to the finished draft far more quickly.
    An editor ensures correct spelling, grammar, and clarity for your purpose for writing. Never edit your own work as you are far too close to the topic.  Instead, hire an editor to help you get to the promised land far more quickly. Whether your graduate thesis, doctoral study, or an article for a professional journal, an editor can ensure that you make your best impression–and potentially ensure that approvals come far more quickly. Hire an editor to get there faster.
  • The Opportunity Cost. Let me invite you to run the numbers regarding cost.  Cost is far more than simply the cost of the editor’s service.  If we think of an editor as a coach, where their goal is to shorten your learning curve, an editor could shorten the number of classes you may have to take as part of your review process for a graduate thesis or a doctoral study.  Let’s do the math then regarding the opportunity cost here (The cost of doing something vs. the cost of not doing something).  If an editor’s services cost you $1000.00, but increases the speed at which your thesis or dissertation is moved forward through the approval process; you could save the cost of several classes (at the potential cost of $2000.00 to 3000.00 a class!).  A $1000 cost of an editor might save you upwards of $6000.00 in additional classes or more.

Ultimately the question is to ask yourself, what is the cost of going it alone? How long will it take me to learn the finer points of writing mastery and APA format in particular? Am I willing to pay for additional classes or am I willing to pay for an editing coach to help get me there faster?

The choice is always ours to make about how quickly we want to move through the process.  My advice? Take the time to do the math and see what the cost of not hiring an editor may really be costing you. Invest in yourself and invest in your future.

My best to your success!

Dr. Cheryl Lentz
The Academic Enterpreneurwww.LentzLeadership.com

May 22nd, 2015 by admin

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