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As we think about the idea of diversity, why do we limit our thinking to seemingly only demographic factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, and national heritage as several examples?  Let’s add to this list the idea of diversity of thought.  Think of the concepts of Enculturation and Acculturation—essentially all of the elements that contributes to the sum total of who we are to date.  How we think contributes to who we have become, right?  The conversation surrounding diversity would then be advanced through the addition of diversity of thought as well.

I recall during my undergraduate years a unique experience that occurred as a result of final exams.  I was intensely studying for my German final when immersion completely engulfed me.  Because of studying, I was now thinking first in German and translating into English.  Thankfully my other professors were most kind when German phrases surfaced into the exams for their classes. *Smiles*
What I noticed is my purpose for inclusion here.  When I was thinking in  German mode, I thought differently.  Structurally the language has a very different order to word placement.  I found myself having to reorder words because of the language rules, which affected by thinking.  My experience then begs the question, how does how we think effect how we behave?  Immersion into a different language was a marvelous opportunity to experience first hand how diversity of thought is an important element to add to the diversity conversation.

What do you think?  I welcome your thoughts to add to our discussion.

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