The Art of Writing: Do Your Readers Trust You?


In discussions with my students this week, I am concerned regarding the amount of push back regarding whether your students trust you enough to take on faith what needs doing regarding their writing progress.  The goal is to ensure that your readers trust you.  As writers, the goal is to avoid leaving questions in the minds of your reader.  Remember, your reader only has the words on the page in order to understand your message.  A book is not yet interactive where the reader can ask questions of the author as they read along.  Perhaps with the emergence of the blog or reviews on Amazon, a reader can post a thought or ask a question, but the reader is not able to IN THE MOMENT.  As a result, our role as writers is to have our readers trust us to know we have given them the entire story, created our intended meaning in a clear and concise way that leaves no questions in their mind.   Therefore, my question is simple: Do your readers trust you to know that you have given them all they need?

Be sure to share your strategies of how you encourage writing clarity in your teaching and your own dissertation and published writing . We look forward hearing from you.*Smiles*

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August 20th, 2013 by admin

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