The Doctoral Acronym: Debbie Bacon

Daring…as I encountered new ways of learning to step outside my comfort zone.

Ongoing…as each milestone required continued working that was “smarter not harder”.

Coping…with management…as I tried to manage God time, school work, house work, private business, family, and family health crises

Trusting…as I put my trust in my chair and committee as they led the way and provided the visual markers and I followed.

Optimizing…my time to work on the research study on a consistent basis while maintaining a healthy work and home balance.

Reading….research articles, books, and anchor studies that may contribute to the case study.

Adding…. information from empirical articles into my literature review after reviewing them through Google alerts.

Loving the topic….as I must read and re-read the study throughout the dissertation process and therefore, want to enjoy the read.


Juggling…life’s circumstances as a wife, mother, daughter, student, and business owner.

Organizing…the structure of my paper, as well as information obtained from the research study.

Understanding…the needs of my vulnerable population to the best of my ability ahead of time, so as to be prepared for different eventualities in the research process.

Reminding…myself to keep on ‘keeping on’ as a good dissertation is a done dissertation.

Narrowing…the information to what was needed according to the rubrics as I had a proclivity to be wordy.

Exciting…when participants enjoyed the research process and shared their rich, yet simple perspective.

Yielding…to the process, no matter how frustrating at times, in order to accomplish the research study.

March 26th, 2018 by admin

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